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Products for Sale and Proof of Concepts (POCs)  ph 09 4820779  [email protected]

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                                          We are based in Auckland and will do our best to help you eg. free local delivery ,1/3 deposit and low payments.Help with fitting and advice.

                                          We will try to keep our prices just under what you will pay online!

                                          When we make a profit   we will donate 20% to any group trying to save the Maui Dolphin from extinction.......see DOC website.


                             What you all want ...26" MP3 Kits !  
                                          Plus   48 V 10aph  Batterys

                                          Plus    The amazing  MP3 Duel drive 26" full suspention Bike!
                                                     Amazing hill climbing with 2 motors!!!

In stock

 .I have   1 48v 20"casted Golden motor Magic Pie 3 Hubmotor with Lipo4 battery and charger  for sale .....$1285  

In stock also  .......a new folding bike with Golden motor magic pie 3 hubmotor 48v 20"casted wheel mounted in the front forks  ..48v LiPo4 battery.+charger......$1450

The huffy is now sold and working on Waiheke!!!

                    .......a fully suspended Huffy bike with Golden motor Magic Pie 3 hubmotor 48v 24" wheel mounted in the front forks ...48v LiPo4 battery+charger...$1625   Note piratical ply carrier!

I hope to produce plans in future,when I am happy with a prototype.

This is the Electricute ....a tandem , trike regestered as a moped.

I use it as a ute for small landscaping jobs and local transport.It has 2 30amph 48v and 3   20amph 24v LiPo4 GM batterys all and is a POC for the concept of hand and foot powered runs on 72v.

Here are 2 P O Cs ........
The left one is 48 volts, and practical vehicle with no suspension. First experiment with sloping windscreen to eliminate the need for a windscreen wiper.  4 used SLA baterys 32amphrs.
1000w Goldenmotor is where is $ 625   nzd

The one on the right is the one I use most. It switches between  48, and 96 volts to give extra power and a lot of extra speed with a Canadian controller and cycle analyst. This is a practical machine capable of comfortably doing 65 km per hour. With the 2 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, it has a good range and power. I use this vehicle regularly for commuting in Auckland.  This vehicle has suspension on all 3 wheels.disk brakes on is where is  $18i50

In the background is a trailer  has removable wheelchair type wheels so can be carried in SUV with ease. It can carry a wheelbarrow [just] ,4 kids,or 1adult !               ...........$560