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The Future - A Typical Day in 2025!

The Future 
Could be very exciting...............2025.............You wake up in your 5 story city eco apartment,plant a few seeds ,pull a few weeds & water the rooftop a friend,get on the FWD Recumbent Etrike..........on to the raised cycle way,heartbeats faster as you speed between Eco buildings with their green sunny faces,some with large trees on their decks!  You brake hard knowing the regen is pushing the energy back into the Nanotube lithium batterys!   You walk the small trike into the Pod car,push a few buttons as the unit travels at a brisk 70kph over the harbour bridge to  northcoat over the truck traffic,a memory returns of how long this trip took just 12 years ago!!!
,.Off at the station ,cycle to your friends ,the house is the maximum distance from the station,500m! Some Co.op coffee and you get in his 4seat XEcycle and its off to North Shore Aeroclub!  A little puffed...... its into the hanger to praise the new paint job on the homebuilt Oblique Wing STOL Electric microlite!  Half flaps,full power,it leaps into the air, he soon has it in Oblique mode and the lack of drag means we are soon moving at 150knts north to bay of islands.  Below we notice the new 90 seat bendy bus with its vacum flywheel battery hybrid engine on the intercity busway! We talk about the new manufacturing Coop in Kaikohe we are starting and discuss the Proffit share system.
                          We are so happy the UN General assembly has ordered America China and Russia to plant 50 million trees next year we don't mind that Australia and Newzealand have been ordered to take another million climate refugees each from Bangladesh!    
                                                       A few steap turns and a wing over.........Life is GOOD!

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